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End Pain

End Pain

Avoid Surgery, End Chronic Pain

Who can we help, using the ARP Wave System?

  • Are you in chronic pain?
  • Have you been told you are bone-on-bone and you need joint replacement surgery?
  • Have you had ANY orthopedic surgery and still not back to activity without pain
  • Have you had joint replacement surgery and is still not back to activity without pain?
  • Have you had a spinal cord injury?
  • Have you been told you need spinal fusion surgery?
  • Do you have a limited range of motion?
  • Did you have an ACL-MCL-PCL-LCL-Meniscus tear?
  • Have you been told you need orthopedic surgery?

No Drugs, No Physical Therapy, No Surgery, No Lasers… something NEW! The ARP Wave Technology!

End Pain in only 4 sessions, recover 80% than traditional medicine. We know it may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t  There is only one way to know for sure if the ARP Wave System will work for you, and that is to try our no cost, no obligation, RISK FREE TRIAL in our Chicago, IL ARP Wave Clinic. We will do a full treatment and you’ll be able to see for yourself if the ARP Wave therapy can help you. We treat some of the most elite athletes and chronic cases, so we know we can help you. Just click the link below and see how we can improve the quality of your life.


The ARP Wave Difference

  • The ARP Wave system is a breakthrough in soft tissue rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy works on the physical symptoms; The ARP Wave system works on the neurological origin
  • The pain in your body is where the problem ended, not where the problem is coming from
  • Using the ARP Wave technology, we are able to find the neurological origin of the muscle failure that is causing your pain
  • After a series of exercises on the ARP Wave device, your muscles will be to absorb force and you will notice a 25% reduction of pain

The Result: NO Surgery needed, NO Drugs and NO PAIN

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