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POV Perfomance


Increase Athletic Performance

At University Village Chiropractic, we use the ARP POV Sports Performance technology, a patented, FDA authorized, proprietary training system that allows athletes to accomplish things on the field and in the weight room they could never, ever achieve on their own through conventional training. With our ARP POV System and proprietary training protocols, designed by super trainer of the world’s most elite athletes, Jay Schroeder, we are able to train the body at high velocity with limited movement, eliminating the chance for injury while allowing the athlete to train at a very high level without compensatory actions. This allows for a vast increase in SPEED, STRENGTH and MUSCLE GROWTH while allowing for training in proper form and mechanics. All this results in elite performance levels on the field that could never, ever be attained through conventional training. Just ask the hundreds of NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL Players we call clients.

Why Our POV/EVO Ultrafit System Is The Most ADVANCED Training System in The World. Period. 

For the human body to make quantum leaps in physiological performance and for the brain to send the support needed to allow this to happen, we must train at 93% of our capacity for hours at a time which as we all know is impossible. Impossible from a physical standpoint, NOT a neurological standpoint.

POV Sport Training

POV Sport Training

When you train under the Evo Ultrafit protocols utilizing the POV Sport technology (FDA Approved and Patented), we are able to train your muscles neurologically in such a way that your brain thinks you are training at HIGH VELOCITY and in doing so, sends the appropriate support needed to sustain this maximum level of  training.  This INCREASED support will come in the form of more muscle fiber inclusion, nutritional fuel, blood flow, an increase in your ability to absorb force and a vast increase in your overall range of motion. When all of this comes together effectively, you begin to create NEW MUSCLE MEMORY and are able to perform physiologically at levels traditional training could never take you to.

There is no other form of training in the world from a protocol and technology stand point that can generate the physiological results that our system can attain. Once we train your nervous system to work at peak levels, there is literally no ceiling on what you can accomplish from a skill, speed and strength standpoint!

Technology So Powerful, You Would Think Our NFL CLIENTS Were On Steroids

  • Imagine having the ability to INCREASE your range of motion and flexibility by 25+% instantaneously, GUARANTEED. How much more explosive would you be?  How much faster would you run?
    Arizona Cardinals linebackers on the ARP POV

    Arizona Cardinals linebackers on the ARP POV

  • Imagine having PATENTED and PROPRIETARY technology at your disposal that allowed you to train your Antagonistic and Protagonistic muscles simultaneously, something that is impossible for you to do on your own. How much STRONGER would you become?
  • What would it be like to be able to perform ONE “Extreme Slow”  SPRINTING movement over a 5 minute period, but your muscles and brain think that it is occurring at 245X per second neurologically? Imagine the muscle memory this would create, and how EXPLOSIVE YOUR SPEED WOULD BECOME. Impossible to replicate anywhere else.
  • What would your performance level look like if you could TRAIN and RECUPERATE simultaneously!!? With our ARP POV Technology and proprietary protocols, you can actually work out intensely while your muscles are in recuperation mode. NO ONE ELSE can offer this claim.
  • Imagine training on a system that IMMEDIATELY increased your body’s ability to absorb force by a minimum of 10 X your current ability. Not only would this allow you play harder and longer but in the process virtually ELIMINATE the chance of 80% of most injuries!
    NFL All Pro, Dwight Freeney on The ARP POV

    NFL All Pro, Dwight Freeney on The ARP POV

  • More importantly, however, you will be able to train at HIGH VELOCITY, achieving levels that can NOT be replicated in a weight room, and the more you train at this HIGH VELOCITY with our technology and program, the more your brain thinks of it as your new pattern! When this occurs, the brain sends the support mechanisms for you to continue this HIGH VELOCITY training which transcends on to the field and becomes your NEW muscle and performance patterns!

At a shade under 6 feet and just 211 pounds, Adam Archuleta appeared undersized for NFL success.  Archuleta, trained on the ARP POV with Jay Schroeder (the creator of the POV and the POV Protocols) and had phenomenal performance at the NFL combine. He ran a 4.42-second 40-yard dash, posted a 39-inch vertical leap and turned in 31 reps in the bench press. That propelled him into the first round of the 2001 NFL draft as the 20th pick by the St. Louis Rams.

In this video, he is featured on ESPN for the dramatic increase in speed and strength he was able to achieve using the ARP POV technology and training protocols. At University Village Chiropractic we now have this very SAME TECHNOLOGY AND PROTOCOLS designed by Jay Schroeder, to take players to levels of performance they could never achieve on their own or through traditional training.

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We will come out to one of your practices and provide a FREE “Neurological Loosening” for your entire team, stretching their muscles NEUROLOGICALLY and creating a range of motion of 25% or more INSTANTLY! This is how our NFL and NBA players prepare before practices and games, allowing them play at much, much higher levels with a drastic reduction in injury while elevating the performance immensely. Call today and lets us show you how the pro’s train and prepare at  NO CHARGE or OBLIGATION.

Answers To ELITE Performance Strategies That Will Change The Way You Train FOREVER 

“There is not ONE sports performance training facility in North America that can get the results you are able to achieve. What is the MAJOR DIFFERENCE between your training system and everyone else?”

For years, you have trained your body PHYSIOLOGICALLY, with the understanding that this would spur muscle growth, flexibility, strength, agility, speed and overall performance in order to transcend your skills onto the field, baseball diamond or court. In essence, you have continually trained your HARDWARE (your muscles) while ignoring the most important component of what drives elite athletic performance; your NEUROLOGICAL make-up… your SOFTWARE if you will.

You are an electrical being run by a nervous system and this system dictates your muscles every move and literally drives your level of performance, good or bad. However, we continually ignore this important component and train ourselves physiologically day after day, week after week, month after month and sadly year after year, when the fact remains we can expedite our level of physical and athletic performance to ELITE LEVELS 60% FASTER than traditional training if we concentrate on building ourselves neurologically… strengthening the very foundation that dictates our performance on the field!

Your neurological make up dictates how fast, strong and agile you become due to the fact that the brain will only send the support needed to accomplish these tasks based on the information it receives neurologically.  If you continue to train the same way you have always been taught, attempting to increase speed and strength through the “overload principle” and gradual progression, no amount of exercise diversification and “cutting edge performance techniques” will ever work, and you will NEVER realize your true physical potential. Why? Simple. Because your brain does not NEED to adapt to a massive increase in velocity or stimuli due to the continued, gradual progression training format you are using and thus will continue to only send the support needed NEUROLOGICALLY to perform these tasks and not an ounce more. By utilizing the EVO/POV protocols and technology, however, we are able to train you neurologically at HIGH VELOCITY which forces the brain to send the support mechanisms needed to allow you to continue at this rate… making you stronger, faster and quicker in a fraction of the time as outdated, traditional training.

“What is The ARP POV ‘Extreme Slow Training’ And How Can it Help Me And/Or Players” 

For speed training we use a technique called “Extreme Slow” on the ARP POV. What happens is the athlete goes through their running motion ONE TIME, over a 5 minute period and what occurs is two-fold;

Miami Dolphins, Karlos Dansby, Training on the ARP POV Sport

Miami Dolphins, Karlos Dansby, Training on the ARP POV Sport

1) The signals being sent from the ARP POV are neurologically contracting the muscle at 245 X per second, which is HIGH VELOCITY. When this occurs, the brain needs to send mechanisms to support this high velocity, in the form of fuel, additional muscle actions (muscles they have probably never used for sprinting and speed), etc. The brain is being told by the muscles that it is training it max velocity, so in turn the brain needs to create that SUPPORT for that to continually occur.  This benefits the athlete greatly. We are creating a new foundation of neuromuscular support for the athlete as if they were training at max velocity, allowing for them achieve feats of strength and speed they could never replicate in a weight room.

 2) By doing it in Extreme Slow, the athlete can train at this high velocity WITHOUT compensatory actions. For example, if you are max bench pressing and trying to get that final rep… you would arch your back, use your stronger arm a little more than the other to compensate and push it to the final point. That is

Training on the ARP POV Sport

compensatory actions. If you were to run as fast as you could over 100 yards, in the last 10 yards you swing your arms harder, bend your head lower, or use other positions or compensatory actions to finish the sprint. In Extreme Slow, however, you can do it with PROPER FORM and even CORRECT certain flaws in motion, which would be impossible to do in real time. While you are doing this, however, remember the muscles and nervous system think this is occurring at max velocity and max speed so you are creating MUSCLE MEMORY of this sprint or this action and doing so with almost perfect form.  The muscles neurologically think you are training at MAX VELOCITY with hundreds of reps which creates a new neurological muscle memory pattern, and the brain is sending mechanisms to SUPPORT these actions. Making you STRONGER and FASTER.

NOTE:  We also have proprietary Extreme Slow training protocols for Quarterback motion, allowing the coach to correct the flaws in SLOW MOTION while STILL training neurologically at high velocity, creating muscle memory of the perfect form FASTER. We also have Extreme Slow training protocols for movements in basketball, soccer, MMA, tennis, golf, baseball and softball.

“How Is Your ARP POV Training System and Protocols More Advantageous Than Other Performance Clinics?”

NFL running back Tim Hightower on the ARP Wave

NFL running back Tim Hightower on the ARP Wave

1) There is a reason the world’s top professional athletes trust their multi-million careers to our system of rehab and performance… because it works. Period. To the right is Miami Dolphin LB Karlos Dansby training on the ARP POV than translating it onto the field.When you train on the ARP POV in combination with our workout protocols, several things occur that could never occur in a traditional training environment.  First and foremost you are able to train AND recuperate simultaneously, meaning no more soreness, pain and virtually no chance of injury.  How is this possible? Very simple really. When you utilize the “Loosening Protocols” on the ARP POV, your muscles go into eccentric contraction, meaning they lengthen. When your muscles are elongated, they can be trained at maximum velocity while still recovering. With traditional training, however, your muscles go into concentric contraction, meaning they SHORTEN up, and this causes tightness and soreness post workout or game.More to the point, however, is how this translates onto the playing field. As a game is played muscles SHORTEN and tighten up, thus the reason for injuries and soreness after games. By “Loosening” up prior to the game, you can play at a much higher level because the muscles are elongated but more importantly, AFTER the game the muscles are looser and the potential for soreness and injury is non-existent. At this point the athletes do what is called “Loosening Recovery” protocols, takes about 5 minutes on the ARP POV and they are now as FRESH after the game as they were BEFORE IT!! No soreness, tightness, and they are ready to come back and hit it hard the next day. NO OTHER TRAINING SYSTEM out there can replicate this, which sets us apart from all others.

Training on the ARP POV Sport

2) Our workout regimens are a LOT more advanced than your typical sports performance centers, as they are not only meant to build sport specific speed and strength, but also build ancillary muscles you never knew you had or trained before. When you factor in the ARP POV technology, the sport specific speed and strength training coupled with the building of ancillary muscles, you will get explosiveness and power that you never knew you had; explosiveness and power that transcends onto the field. In a nutshell, you truly will be trained in the same mindset, regimen and with the same technology as our elite professional athletes.

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Testimonials from some of the Evo Ultrafit and ARP POV Clients (EVO Ultra Fit is Jay Schroeder’s POV Sport training facility and protocols)

Want To See The POV Technology In Action? Call 312-733-8589 And We Will Schedule A FREE Loosening Session For Your Entire Team. Prepare To Be BLOWN AWAY!